LA fame Latex Dress


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Size Bust (inch/cm) Waist (inch/cm) Hip (inch/cm) Length (inch/cm)
M 30.7-34.6”/78-88cm 23.6-27.6”/60-70cm 33.5-37.4”/85-95cm 29.9”/76cm
XL 34.6-38.6”/88-98cm 27.6-31.5”/70-80cm 37.4-41.3”/95-105cm 30.3”/77cm
2XL 38.6-42.5”/98-108cm 31.5-35.4”/80-90cm 41.3-45.3”/105-115cm 30.7”/78cm
4XL 42.5-46.5”/108-118cm 35.4-39.4”/90-100cm 45.3-49.2”/115-125cm 31.1”/79cm



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